Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Music Education

When legislators cut school funding one of the first programs to go are the music and the arts programs. On a post from beatcrave.com, UK Government watchdog Ofsted has published a report on music education in primary and secondary schools, Making More of Music, and warns that British schools aren’t giving children adequate music classes. The BBC has asked several musicians about the importance of quality music education in school curriculum’s.

Lis McCullough, Chair of the National Association of Music Educators, says:

“Music itself matters. Music is part of what makes us human, so it’s part of our all round development.”

Baz Chapman, director of the Government’s Sing-Up Program, says
“Music can also enliven other parts of the curriculum – where there are things to remember, like dates for history or times tables in math, rhythm and melody can help.”
McCullough asserts that music must be part of the school curriculum in order to fully educate a child. “The music curriculum in schools has changed enormously over the last 30 years – it’s much more hands-on, with involved engagement,” she says. “Of course a lot of music goes on outside of school, but this is not necessarily the case for all – access is still fairly patchy.“
Music is part of our society in many ways, in the tone of our voices, in the making of sounds, in the natural chaotic noise of the world, in the music industry. Music education should be a fundamental part of our growth as human beings, and schools are the first places that need to be supported.


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