Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Second Grade Reading: Part 2

The Pennsylvania Department of Education devises and maintains standards of education for all grade levels in each subject area, including reading, as a guideline for teachers to devise their curriculum. Each second-grade students' progress is monitored to prepare them for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessments given to students in third grade.

  1. Reading Independently

    • Second-grade reading standard 1.1.2 -- Reading Independently -- includes identifying an author's type, purpose and the genre of the book or literary piece. Word recognition and comprehension of unfamiliar words through decoding using knowledge of prefixes, suffixes and root words is another subsection of this standard. The standard suggests teaching students how to tell what a story is about before, during and after reading the text through taking notes, retelling, thinking aloud and connecting to prior knowledge. Oral reading accuracy is another aspect of the reading independently standard.

    Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Text

    • Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Text, standard 1.2.2, includes differentiating between fact and opinion within the text, using the text order and other clues to derive the meaning and increase comprehension and differentiate between essential and nonessential text within the text or reading. Other areas of this standard include making inferences from the text and forming conclusions and citing evidence from the wording to support answers to comprehension questions.

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