Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tip 3: Have a Scheduled time for Getting Up, Eating, Studying and Going to Bed

Having a successful school year takes planning and a lot of organization. Now that we have turned off all electronics during the week and have a regular study area, let's continue our quest on getting the "Best Education Possible.

Tip #3: Have a scheduled time for getting up, eating, studying, and going to bed.

Children and teens do better when they are on a schedule. (Let the truth be known, most of us do better when on a schedule).

1. There should be scheduled time to get up every morning. There should be enough time to wash, brush teeth, get dress, groom hair, eat breakfast, and load up for school. Clothes and books should be laid out the night before to keep the morning running smoothly.
2. Dinner should be at the same time or around the same time every evening. Breakfast and lunches at school are always at the same time and parents need to do the same thing at home. Parents should sit down and eat dinner with their children and discuss the day. It makes a big difference for children to have that time with you.
3. Extra curricular activities and homework all must be on a schedule. Never over schedule your child with sports or activities that will stress them out and cause homework to be a burden. Make sure activities are over early enough for homework, dinner, and bed time.
4. Bed time should be the same time every evening during the week. Young children and some teens need at least 8-12 hours of sleep a night. It is never good for your child to go to school tired because of not enough sleep. A tired mind can not learn.


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child

How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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