Friday, August 5, 2011

Second Grade Reading: Part 5

2nd Grade Reading Comprehension

It takes work at home to improve your child's Second Grade Reading Comprehension level

Below is an article from the Children's Learning Center website.  It stresses the importance of parents working with their second grader on comprehension.

Every parent wants their child to succeed, however in order for that to happen it is important that parents are willing to do the work at home that it takes. It is not enough to leave the education of our children to our nation's overcrowded and under funded school systems, parents must take an active role at home and at a young age. Reading Comprehension is an essential skill. It is the fundamental building block upon which education is based. Studies have shown that children who read a lot at a young age score higher on standardized tests later in life. However, most parents do not have the background to immediately know how best to improve their child's Second Grade Reading Comprehension level. Fortunately some of the nation's most well respected names in education have developed programs designed especially for parents to work with their kids to lift their 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension levels. These programs were designed by leading educators as well as parenting specialists to make learning fun for both you and your children. We've listed the best programs below. Just click on the buttons for more complimentary information directly from any companies of interest.

eSylvan - Reading Center
eSylvan's award-winning online tutoring is guaranteed to improve your child's reading and math skills. It will also boost their self-confidence. With personalized instruction from caring, state-certified teachers, learning at home is fun, easy, and effective. Help your child today with this accredited, low-risk and affordable solution.
The Phonics Game
Discover the fun and easy way to improve your child's reading skills. The Phonics Game is guaranteed to not only help your child's reading and spelling, but to boost their self-confidence as well. For a limited time, take advantage of our $19.95 risk-free trial. Your child (and their teachers) will thank you for it.


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