Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just Say Soda

According to an article in the February 2012 Good Housekeeping magazine, sugary drinks aren't on any one's good-health list, but in data reported last November, researchers noted that sweet sodas are particularly risky for women.  A University of Oklahoma study of 4,166 women, age 45 and over, found that those who drank two or more sugar-sweetened beverages a day were nearly four times as likely to develop high triglycerides, as those who drank one or fewer.  They were also more likely to add to their waist sizes and develop impaired glucose levels, setting themselves up for diabetes.  The researchers aren't sure why females are harder hit than males, but it may be as simple as calories, because women need fewer, two sodas make up a greater proportion of their daily calorie intake.  But don't wait for the definitive why: women should quench  thirst with water or unsweetened iced tea, and get your fizz from seltzer (add a spritz of lemon or lime if you like a little favor.


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