Friday, January 6, 2012

Tip # 46: Teach Your child to Resist Peer Pressure.

It is really tough for children today! Peer pressure has always been a problem for children, but it seems that it is even more difficult to walk away from temptations because of strong peer influences, and the technology that is available to children everyday. That brings us to tip#46.

Tip # 46: Teach your child to resist peer pressure.

Some kids find it difficult to resist peer pressure because they want to be liked and accepted. Others just find it fascinating and want to be adventurous and curious. The media and music industry do not help by making children think that elude behavior is normal and everyone is doing it, and at times glorifying drugs, sex, and violence.

The most important thing a child can have to resist peer pressure is a strong moral foundation, supportive and loving parents, and friends that have the same moral standard or higher. Know your child's friend, where they are going, and what they are doing. (especially on the Internet and the music they are listening to) If you find your child does not make good choices or is a follower, try to redirect them in a firm but caring way, and seek help from other parents who seem to be successful with their children. Do not hesitate to get professional help if needed. Start early, it can save you and your child heart ache and pain.


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