Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tip #45: Teach your Children the Importance of Being Neat and Organized.

We must help our children to get and remain organized. They must understand that everything has a place and everything should be in its place. That brings us to tip #45.

Tip #45: Teach your child the importance of being neat and organized.

It is extremely important for our children to be neat and organized. One possible reason we are late for appointments or engagements is because we can't find everything we need. My husband always taught our five children that, "Clutter causes depression". Now clutter does bother him, but I, (who clutter doesn't bother) feel better when I can find what I need and things are in their place.

In school, the student who keeps a neat desk and locker is usually able to get started and turn in assignments sooner then the student who can not find papers, pencils, or textbooks. Teaching our children to neatly organize their personal space with help them continue to keep their lives organized into adulthood.


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