Friday, January 27, 2012

Tip #51: Take Your Children to the Public Library and Get Them a Library Card.

There is a gem right in your mist. It is the public library. That brings us to tip #51.

Tip #51: Take your children to the public library and get them a library card.
Children need to read in order to be successful throughout life. There is a great resource for finding what your child is interested in reading without spending a whole lot of money, and that's going to the public library. Throughout the year, many libraries across this country have special events for families. There will be visiting authors, story tellers, arts and crafts, poets etc., but more importantly there are BOOKS! Your children will be able to find books on whatever interest them. Sign them up for their own library card and get them excited about exploring the world through books. Public libraries are funded through tax payers money and your family should take full advantage of this service. There is no better way to enhance your child's reading ability or love for books then a visit to the public library. Many libraries have computers that your children can use. If you don't have a computer at home this is a way for them to get practice. There are also books on tape and DVDs with music and movies for loan. So, get in the car and take your children to the public library and take advantage of all the resources.


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