Friday, January 20, 2012

Tip #50: Don't Take Your Child's Sporting or Extra Curricular Activities too Seriously.

Just about anyone who has witnessed a youth sport these days has had a bad experience. A survey of 3,300 parents published in an issue of "SportingKid" magazine found that 84% had witnessed "violent parental behavior" toward children, coaches, or an official at kids' sports events. This brings us to tip #50.

Tip #50: Don't take your child's sporting or extra curricular activities too seriously.

Children should not be victims or witness adults behaving like their child is participating in the "World Series" or Olympic Games and the family's life savings depends on the outcome of the child's performance. There is too much pressure put on little children and it takes away the love of the game or activity. More than half of the parents end up removing their children from youth games because they felt that youth sports were too competitive. Team sports should teach children lesson in life, such as, sportsmanship and cooperative outcomes, while developing skills to become competitive in the future. Some parents need to RELAX, stop living through their child, and let their child develop their athletic skills, and enjoy the games.


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