Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Science and Health

Science and Health

According to an article from http://optimallearningcenters.com/, the science component is based on our understanding that children develop science concepts as they investigate and interact with real objects and phenomena. They are natural scientists in that they are curious, observant, and always questioning. Their knowledge of science grows out of an attempt to find meaning in their environment.

As they plan the themes and supporting activities in science, teachers know that children construct their own meaning from their experiences in order to make sense of the world around them.

By incorporating children’s ideas into instructional strategies, teachers guide children toward accommodating their experiences into a more scientific view. Concrete, hands- on experiences using everyday objects, children’s objects, and outdoor experiences permit children to construct their own realistic understanding of what science is.

Teaching approaches include the use of real- life experience and manipulation of materials and equipment. Since modeling a positive attitude toward science by adults fosters love for science by children, our teachers are open minded and enthusiastic about science. Thus, all children are challenged to pursue their interests to the fullest of their potential.

The governing goal of this component is “health literacy.” Under this subject, children learn to obtain, interpret, understand and use basic health information.


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