Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How Can I Get My Child To Talk About The School Day?: Part II

Communicating with your child about their school day is very important. Many times parents ask their child, "What happened at school today?" The answer so often is "Oh nothing". In order to get your child to talk about their day at school you have to establish a daily routine of discussing the events of the day and be active listener. Below are some ideas given by Stacy DeBroff on how to get your child to talk about your day:

1. Make yourself emotionally available to your child at bedtime, as this is a time children unload their fears and problems.

2. Keep up with the news and share what you are learning with your child. Talking about current events, politics, and history will give your child the sense that you consider them intelligent enough to take part of the conversation.

3. Many younger children will talk about their day, but middle school students become mute. To overcome this silence, ask pointed, opened ended questions. (Example: "How is your friend, Alice, doing?" or " What did the coach have you do at practice today?")

4. Don't be satisfied with one word answers. Keep asking questions until your child gives you something of substance. Even if your child gets annoyed, your child will know you care

5. Let your child express opinions, even if those are contrary to yours, without reprisal or anger. You want your child to feel comfortable telling what is on their mind so you can correct and misgivings.

6. Make sure you don't use these conversation to have your child spy on the classroom or make the teacher or other child uncomfortable. Make sure you only confront the teacher with situations that really concern you. If the teacher or children feel like your child is spying on them it could make social life for your child very uncomfortable. These conversation about the school day should be used to keep you informed and aware of how your child is doing academically and socially.


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