Sunday, March 21, 2010

How To Manage TV Munchies

According to an article in, "Good Housekeeping", March 2010 issue, junk-food commercials work, perhaps too well. In a recent Yale University study, kids who saw snack-food ads scarfed 45% more munchies in front of the tube than those who didn't see them. Keep your child from chowing down with these tips from lead researcher Jennifer Harris, PhD. Below are the suggestions on how to managing TV munchies.

1. Set a rule and follow it. Establish that there will be noshing in front of the television period. (And that includes you, too) But if you decide occasional snacks are OK then...

2. Keep containers in the kitchen. Instead of bringing out the entire package of pretzels, serve pre-measured portions in bowls or plastic bags.

3. Explain the issue. Let kids know how ads can trigger mindless munching and that TV doesn't solve the problem. Research reveals that even a brief glimpse of a commercial can have an impact.

4. Encourage ad-free entertainment. Most food ads targeting kids are on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Saturday-morning cartoons. Parents (especially of young kids) should suggest PBS and DVDs over commercial TV.


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