Friday, March 12, 2010

Why Does My Child Have So Much Homework?

Schools today are under a lot of pressure to produce high standardized test scores and other assessments. We also face global competition in fear our students will fall behind the rest of the world academically. The one thing I want to point out is homework should be a review and practice of the classroom instructions and lessons. Homework is not something the parents should have to entirely teach or introduce. If you find that you are having to teach the material, your child is not understanding the classroom instruction or is not paying attention. Make sure you understand what is interfering with your child and try to take steps to correct it. Below are some reasons Stacey DeBroffs gives on why your child is getting so much homework:

1. Homework builds your child's comfort with the instruction in the class by going over it a again.

2. Homework increases your child's academic learning time.

3. Homework improves your child's recollection and overall understanding of classroom materials.

4. Homework encourages your child to practice more comprehensive and inquisitive thinking about classroom topics.

5. Homework can increase your child's interest in learning about a certain subject or topic.

6. Homework provides your child an opportunity to become a more independent learner.

7. Homework can also build important personal skills, such as organization and time management.

8. The long-term benefits of homework include developing self-discipline, self-reliance, and independent problem solving. This is why parents should not do their child's homework, only assist and check homework.


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