Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Can I Make Sure My Child Is Using The Internet Safely?

According to "The Mom Book Goes to School", the Internet has become an important part of how we learn and interact with the modern world. Children have to know how to use the computer and Internet in early years. Help your child take advantage of the invaluable resources and teach your child how to use the Internet properly and effectively:

1. If you are not computer literate, learn to use the computer with your child.

2. Take advantage of local programs at the libraries and community colleges that teach beginners how to use the computer and Internet.

3. Many children are computer experts, so let your child teach you. Ask your child to show you what your child is learning, and how to find their favorite websites.

4. Take advantage of the wide variety of educational software available to help your child feel comfortable with the computer.

5. Ask your child's teacher to recommend fun and informative software children enjoy.

6. The Internet can provide safety concerns, including running into inappropriate websites.

7. The best way for your child to navigate the Internet is to spend time using it with your child.

8. Keep the family computer in a public location so you can better supervise its use.

9. There are a number of games children can download off the Internet which contain excessive violence and sexual content. Look at GetNetWise ( ), a free service from public interest groups and Internet corporations, or FamiliesConnect ( ), an American Library Association service. These sites provide information to help you make informed decisions about the Internet.

10. Invest in filtering devices. Like the television's V-chip, many Internet browsers offer parents the option of filters that block out inappropriate websites.


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