Friday, January 8, 2010

Effective Schools #5 - School Based Professional Development

Effective Schools Point #5

According to New Visions for Public School a school based professional development program is when educators are working together to improve instruction and student achievement within the school environment. Effective professional learning communities have training at the school and continuously share lessons, ideas, and best classroom practices. The teachers come together regularly to plan lessons and everyone is in agreement to share lessons and materials. They also agree to help each other to have the best classroom practices so every child receives the "Best Education Possible".

Parents if you have you have any skills, materials, resources, or connections, meet with the principal and offer what assistance you can make. It is every ones' responsibility to make the school meet their goals and that every child gets, "The Best Education Possible".

Questions and things to do:

1. Are there instructional aides to help teachers assess students, assist with at-risk students, and help teacher planning? This would be positions such as reading coaches, reading specialist, and curriculum specialist. These professional are responsible for training the teachers in research based learning methods that help all students. They are usually based at the school, so there is an ongoing aid to the classroom teachers and they make sure the training is being implemented in the classrooms.

2. Is there a group of educators including the principal that continuously looks at student assessment and daily work that decide on appropriate changes to individual instruction to assure student success? This is simply a group of teachers and the principal that will meet and discuss at-risk students and come up with a plan to help every student meet with success.

3. Teachers should share ideas, materials, and lesson, so all children are getting a quality education. They truly learn from one another and challenge each other to be better. Parents, you should always support good teachers and show them how much you appreciate the hard work that it takes to have a successful classroom. Teachers work extremely hard to make sure your child gets a quality education. Show them in any way you can.


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child

How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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