Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Effective Schools #9 - Student Voice and Participation

Effective School Point #9

According to New Visions for Public Schools an effective school ensures that students have a significant opportunities to work together with school staff, exercise leadership, and make choices and decisions. Student have a clear area of input and can actively get involved in decisions regarding classrooms, school, campus, and community.

Effective school will have a Student Government Association (SGA) where elections are held for officers. This gives students the opportunity to share ideas, make speeches, campaign, and vote in a democratic election. This give students the opportunity to show leadership and get involved in making a difference in their education to make sure all students get the "Best Education Possible".

Questions to ask or things to do:

1. Does your child's school have an active SGA? If not, talk to the administration and see if one can be established.

2. A good way for students to get involved with decision making and community involvement is "Serve Learning". This is a wonderful way teachers can meet academic objectives while students perform a needed service to the community, state, country, or worldwide. Google service learning to learn more about this wonderful learning opportunity.

3. Does your child have opportunities to interface with the principal, school board members, teachers, or other adults to discuss ideas and concerns? These usually will happen if there is a SGA or student organization at the school. Encourage your child to participate in these types of organizations at least once or twice.

4. Does the school give out surveys to students to find out their opinions and suggestions. If not, have the SGA or a group of student leaders go the the administration and get one started.


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