Monday, January 18, 2010

Parent = Teacher Relationship

How can you build a good working relationship with your child's teacher? There are several basic things you can do to build that relationship. It is a relationship that will be for an entire school year and the teacher will spend as much if not more time with your child then you will. Here are a few suggestions on building a cooperative and good relationship with the teacher.

1. Make sure you meet the teacher in the beginning of the year and make it a positive first encounter. It should be short and pleasant leaving the teacher with the impression that you are there to assist and support.

2. Make sure there is frequent communication. This will stop small issues turning into big ones. I would say check with the teacher once a month to see if things are going well. Also, this let your child know you and the teacher are on the same page and working together to improve their performance in school.

3, Trust is a very important part of the parent teacher relationship. When the teacher knows and trust you as a parent who respects their skills in the classroom, the teacher will likely keep you informed because they feel they can be honest with you without worrying about how you will react.

4. Make sure you take advantage of everything your child's school has to offer. That would include PTA meetings, open house, fundraisers, sporting events, special programs, and book fairs. Never try to have a conference at with the teacher at these events, but make sure the teacher and principal know you are there for support.

5. Most importantly, recognize the often difficult job of a teacher. Teachers are expected to develop lessons that both enriches and addresses each child's individual needs. They also must prepare students for annual standardize test, while providing a solid academic experience, accommodating learning disabilities, keeping discipline under control, give emotional support to all students, and balance all this every school day.


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