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10 Surprising Things Banned in Schools Today: Part 2

10 Surprising Things Banned in Schools Today: #3 and #4

June 25th, 2012 by Staff Writers for onlinecollegcourses.com

While there are many things banned in schools worldwide that should rightly be restricted, many feel that schools are taking regulations too far these days and banning things that can help kids build relationships, have fun, learn, and understand how to function in the real world. They may just have a point. As you read through this list, you'll see more than a few knee-jerk reactions by schools to problems that could have been solved in much more logical and meaningful ways, as well as a few things most of us can't imagine our school days without. More than being surprising, many of these bans are downright ridiculous and draw attention away from far more pressing educational issues.

3. Red ink:
Apparently, today's kids can't take criticism very well, even when merited. While our schools are already trying to keep up with others in the world, many schools have made that even harder by enacting ridiculous bans on things like red ink. Hundreds of schools in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia have outlawed the use of red ink when grading papers, stating that the color is too "confrontational" and "threatening." School officials state that students feel demoralized when they see a sea of red on their papers (somehow other colors are less off-putting?). But many aren't buying the reasoning, stating that children need to learn from their mistakes and be able to maintain self-esteem in the midst of criticism if they're to make it in the real world.

4. Any kind of junk food:
It's true that there is a serious obesity epidemic in America and that the food students eat at school needs to be markedly more healthy, but some schools have taken that issue a bit too far when making regulations. Many schools have banned junk food outright, both that being sold on campus and brought from home (spicy Cheetos have been targeted especially hard, even jokingly being called the "red menace"). While the bans may help some kids eat healthier, many feel it doesn't actually help kids develop good food habits (some studies have found that junk food bans have little impact and may actually encourage kids to binge at home). Many are instead arguing for limitations on junk food, not outright bans, so that students can learn moderation, a skill that will help them navigate real-life food choices. Of course, in typical knee-jerk style, schools are taking bans far beyond the cafeteria and not allowing school groups to run bake sales, often where a majority of their funding comes from.

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