Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cures for Cabin Fever

How do you keep your children entertained on bad-weather days? According to Family Fun Magazine, March 2009 issue, when your family gets tired of hot summer, winter or rainy weather try some of the ideas listed below:

1. Have a picnic in the living room. The kids can change into shorts and T-shirts, and you can prepare summer foods. (Examples: watermelon, potato salad, sub sandwiches). Then spread a tablecloth on the floor and pretend you are eating at a park. The meal will be a lovely diversion, as well as a reminder of summer's return.

2. Stage a mobile scavenger hunt. You can pile into the care for a mobile scavenger hunt. Before you leave, draw a simple picture of the things they can find (Example: cows, an airplane, two blue cars, red lights) on one piece of paper. As you drive, the children check off the items they spot. The change of scenery is good for the kids and you too!

3. Put activity books to new use. You can play "Musical coloring book." Just arrange the kid's coloring and activity books in a circle in the family or living room, then start a CD. The kids and you walk quickly around the books until Dad or someone not playing cuts the music. When the happens, everyone does an activity from the book they are closest to. The kids will like this game.


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