Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why Boys Don't Read: Part 4

According to an article by Linda Jacobson on, a fact is: boys don't read as much as girls. This reading gender gap is affecting boys' performance in high school and beyond.

Some ways to encourage boys to read:

• Set an example by being a reader. Jeffrey Wilhelm recommends that parents — especially dads — read a variety of different materials to convey the message that reading is a way to learn about all different aspects of the world.

• Don’t reject what boys are reading. If boys get a negative reaction every time they open a graphic novel or a book filled with gore or off-color humor, they'll stop opening books altogether. Expand your definition of reading. Magazines, blogs, websites, comic books, and other materials are often more interesting to boys than classic novels because they feature shorter chunks of text, which are more appealing to many boys.

• Take advantage of technology. Some boys are more interested in reading if they can use a Kindle or an iPad. Books made for these devices sometimes have interactive features and a boy might not be turned off by the length of the book if he can’t actually see the number of pages remaining. Some boys also prefer audiobooks.

• Make connections through reading. If a boy is interested in cars or sports, for example, look for articles and books on these subjects, and discuss them with him after he's read them.


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