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10 Surprising Things Banned in Schools Today: Part 4

10 Surprising Things Banned in Schools Today: #7 and #8

June 25th, 2012 by Staff Writers for

While there are many things banned in schools worldwide that should rightly be restricted, many feel that schools are taking regulations too far these days and banning things that can help kids build relationships, have fun, learn, and understand how to function in the real world. They may just have a point. As you read through this list, you'll see more than a few knee-jerk reactions by schools to problems that could have been solved in much more logical and meaningful ways, as well as a few things most of us can't imagine our school days without. More than being surprising, many of these bans are downright ridiculous and draw attention away from far more pressing educational issues.

7. Social networks:

Based on the restrictions many schools have on social networks, you'd think they were virtual hotbeds of sin and misanthropy. While there are certainly good arguments to be made for preventing students from accessing these kinds of online sites while at school, there are also good reasons why they shouldn't be, something many critics of the bans are quick to point out. School administrators often ban access to social networks because they believe they open kids up to cyber predators and bullying and because they believe students will use the networks inappropriately. Yet social networks have a lot to offer students and teachers, especially sites like YouTube that are loaded with educational content. Additionally, many educators believe that it's critical to teach students how to use social networks responsibly, as misuse can have serious long-term effects when it comes time to apply for jobs or college.

8. Non-motorized forms of transportation:
You'd think schools would be all for kids getting exercise by rollerblading, skateboarding, or biking to school, right? Well, not so much. Some schools have actually banned all forms of non-motorized transportation because they believe they are too dangerous for kids. While these forms of transportation can obviously result in injury if students aren't careful, many believe that schools shouldn't have the right to dictate what students do off campus and that bike safety programs are a much more effective way to reduce accidents than an outright ban. In some cases, even students who travel with parents to school on bikes have been told they can no longer do so, greatly angering parents and cycling groups.


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