Monday, July 9, 2012

How to Handle a Difficult Parent Teacher Relationship: Part 1

I think it is extremely important for parents to realize that a teacher has the responsibility for satisfying many other students and parents besides yourself. You should be willing to forgive if your child's teacher makes a mistake or fails to devote full attention to your specific issue. Make sure you are being reasonable in every situation you address.

If you are constantly are confronting your child's teacher with questions about minor issues and request conferences, the teacher will quickly feel annoyed, and become increasingly evasive. Never storm into a meeting angry and ready for an argument. Calm yourself down and make sure you are ready to listen and evaluation the entire situation. According to Stacy DeBroff, author of " The Mom Book Goes To School", here are the things that make a parent difficult for a school setting.

1. Complainer: This is parents frequently calling the teacher or drops in on the classroom to gripe about minor details.
2. Confrontational: This parent constantly pesters the teacher and is unwilling to list to feed back and suggestions.
3. Meddler: This parent typically micromanages every detail of their child's education and personal life.
4. Needy: This parent is on whose hand the teacher has to hold thought every step of the child's education
5. Nowhere-to-be-found: This parent is almost impossible to track down and is never available when teachers need to meet.
6. Overreacting: This parent's first instinct is to barge into the school highly agitated, emotional and irrational.
7. Overachiever: This parent lives vicariously through the high standards they set for the child and the success that child achieves.

Tomorrow I will list 5 more difficult parent personalities and list some positive traits all parents should have.


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