Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Handle a Difficult Parent Teacher Relationship: Part 2

Yesterday I gave you 6 traits that make you a difficult parent at school. Today I will give you 5 more personalities to avoid while dealing with your child's school. According to Stacy DeBroff, author of "The Mom Book Goes To School" below are some common negative stereotypes:

1. Overachiever: This parent lives vicariously through the high standards she sets for her child and the success that child achieves.
2. Overstressed and overworked: This parent constantly feels stressed and over-committed, yet continues to commit to activities. This parent feels guilty about a lack of involvement and wishes she had time to be more invested in the education of their child.
3. Parent Spy: This parent volunteers in the classroom to keep an eye on the teacher and report back to other parents, the PTA, or the principal.
4. Passive-aggressive: This parent hides behind nasty notes but will not tackle an issue with a teacher face-to-face. When a teacher approaches a passive-aggressive parent in person, the parent take on a much friendlier persona.
5. Well-intentioned by completely unreliable: This parent wants to be involve but make promises that are never followed up on.

Make sure you do not display any of these negative stereotypes. It will make your and your child's school experiences much more negative then it has to be. Tomorrow I will give you some positive stereotypes you will want to incorporate.


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