Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easy Elementary Science Fair Projects

Four More Easy Elementary Science Fair Projects

According to an article by Manali Oak, elementary science projects can be as interesting as the ones mentioned yesterday and below. Science projects can be fulfilled and innovative. They illustrate fundamental as well as complex scientific facts creatively. Easy elementary science projects 

1. Making a ball is a really easy elementary science project. Get aluminum foil and roll it into a ball. Take elastic rubber bands and stretch them around the ball. Take as many elastic bands as you can and the ball gets bigger. You can make it grow till it bounces. The ball is ready to be played with.

2. This is some fun with magnetism! Take a fairly thick and long straw. Fetch two circular magnets each with a hole in the center. Place a straw through the holes in the magnets such that the two magnets slide along the straw. Cut out any animal from a piece of paper. Glue it on one of the magnets without obstructing the hole in the magnets. The animal will appear to be jumping due to the forces between the two magnets as they slide along the straw.

3. Medicine bottles sometime have a note saying that it is made out of UV Blocking plastic. Place UV Energy Beads in the bottle to test if its plastic really blocks ultra violet rays. If they do not change color, it confirms that the bottle has blocked UV rays.

4. Another easy demonstration of static electricity developed by Bruce Jenny, can seem magical. See how… Get PVC pipe and a Styrofoam sheet. Cut out a band from the sheet. Rub fur along the band to build static charge. Similarly build a charge onto the pipe. Toss up the band with the help of a pencil and place the pipe underneath. Due to the charges produced on both the objects, the band will whirl above the pipe. The principle that is proved through the project is that like charges repel each other.


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