Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Math Teaching Tips: Part 2

Yesterday, the first 5 tips for teaching math was posted.  Today, are 5 more tips for teaching math to students.  According to an article from Teaching Science and Math, teaching math to elementary students is critical for establishing a foundation of success in mathematics. There is a need for some basic memorization of facts, because students who do not memorize arithmetic functions struggle in upper grades. However, math must be fun and interesting, along with making connections with real-world applications.

Math Teaching Tips: Part 2

Problem solving, critical thinking, mental math, math games, technology, interactive websites, and more:

1. Weekly Word Problems – once a week begin math class with a word problem students must answer related to current concepts being studied. This is a key step in learning how to develop problem solving skills.

2. Interactive Math Websites – use computer learning centers for students to study math concepts using these interactive math websites, such as: Illuminations or National Library of Virtual Manipulatives .

3. Math WebQuests – develop your own or find some already prepared and have students work in groups to solve math problems or develop a better understanding of math concepts.

4. Use Math Tradebooks – use tradebooks in connection with concept being studied, such as: Anno’s Magic Seeds, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Sir Cumference, Grapes of Math, and more.

5. GeoBoards – use geoboards for students to design their own shapes and describe them to each other using correct geometric terminology.

To view the full article on Math Teaching Tips, go to http://www.teachscienceandmath.com/ .


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