Monday, May 23, 2011

Your Third Grader and Technology: Part1

Third graders learn the names of various computer parts and how to use a mouse to maneuver items on the screen. Below is an article written by Miriam Myers on what should be in a third grade classroom as far as technology.

Your Third Grader and Technology by Miriam Myers

Your third-grader may use word-processing software, draw and paint software, and presentation software (such as PowerPoint) to complete activities in a range of subject areas, including language arts, science, social studies, math, and art. These activities, which integrate computers into the classroom curriculum, are the first steps to technological literacy: Using tools to solve problems. Many states base their technology standards on the National Educational Technology Standards for Students. But because children aren't tested on their use of technology, teachers aren't typically held accountable for teaching them. That means computer use varies widely from classroom to classroom. Your third-grader may have one or more computer workstations in the classroom, may go to a computer lab once a week, or may not use technology regularly at all. To get the maximum benefit from technology, the best classrooms implement technology into the curriculum plans to develop students' higher order thinking skills, promote creativity, and facilitate academic learning.

What you might see in a well-equipped classroom

1.  Educational software that reinforces reading and math skills

2.  Multimedia encyclopedias and dictionaries

3.  A digital camera — digital photos can then be displayed in a slide show

4.  Interactive story books on a computer

5.  One computer or more in the classroom with access to the Internet and a printer

6.  Large-screen display connected to a computer used by the teacher to demonstrate a technology lesson to the whole class. If there isn't one available, the teacher may have smaller groups come around the computer to introduce a lesson or technology skill.

7.  Use of email with support from the teacher or classroom helper


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