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Easy Elementary Science Projects with Seed Starting

Easy Elementary Science Projects with Seed Starting

According to Katina Mooneyham, starting seeds and plants indoors is a good idea, especially for the kids' garden. It starts the season and the kids can get a good grasp on germination and plant needs. Seed experimenting can also help germinate a kid's interest in gardening.

Paper towel experiments

There are many experiments to try with seeds and paper towels. Maybe you could see whether those extra absorbent towels hinder, help or don't affect the seed's sprouting abilities. You can observe and make a mental note about which, if any, paper towels help seeds grow faster or slower. You could make it a science project. If you use it as a science project, you will need to make notes in a journal. You should keep the amount of water and light the same for each paper towel unless you're experimenting on other factors.

Seed growth rate

What affects the seed growth rate? Make a list of the things a plant needs, then try changing one of those factors. The list should include sunlight, water, food and air. Does changing any of these factors affect how fast the seed germinates?

Growing without soil

Believe it or not, seeds and plants can be grown in just water. It's a plant science known as hydroponics and can be very effective (and clean) for growing plants. You can do experiments with different plants and compare growth in water to traditional growth in soil. Start the seeds the traditional way and see if you can get some to start in just plain water.

Does soil matter?

Does the type of soil matter? Test this by conducting an experiment. Get several different types of soil. For example, get top soil, potting soil and a germinating mix. Take three seeds of the same kind. Place equal amounts of each type of soil in three-inch pots. Then plant one seed in each pot. Take notes. Does one seed grow faster than the others? Do any of the seeds grow fast and then just stop growing? Let the experiment run on for a few weeks.

There are so many experiments that kids can do to have fun with seeds. Start the gardening season with knowledge that will help you succeed in this year's gardens.


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