Friday, February 11, 2011

Effective Parenting!

Many times teachers witness behavior in the classrooms that are hard to understand and control.  Little children as young as pre-school and kindergarten, come to school so angry and aggressive.  These behaviors aren't acceptable anywhere and especially not in the classroom.

Sometimes the behaviors are displayed for medical reasons.  With the cooperation of the parents, doctors, teachers, and administration, plans can be put in place to help the child assimilate into the regular classroom. But when you have behaviors that disrupt the classroom because parents aren't "Parenting", or children are witnessing inappropriate aggression at home, this is not only frustrating for the teachers and administrators, but for all the students that have to wait for that child to get under control.

If you have a child showing such behaviors, talk to  the teacher, principal, counselor, church members, or other parents for suggestions.  Make sure you take the suggestions and be consistent with the plan you decide to put in place for your family.  The school can only do but so much. Ultimately, your child is your responsibility and it would be to your advantage to get whatever behaviors under control before they get into middle school or high school.  Schools can only do their job effectively when parents do their job of parenting effectively.

Below is a quote from Dr. Joyce Brothers (author, spokeswoman) 1974:
"If a child is given love,
he becomes loving...
If he's helped when he needs help,
he becomes helpful.
And if he has been truly valued at home...
he grows up secure enough to look beyond
himself to the welfare of others."


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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