Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How To Get The Best Education Possible: Tip #101

There are many Internet Web sites that offer educational and fun activities for children.  That brings us to tip #101.

Tip #101: Get to know all the wonderful Web sites that can help your child learn, while having fun at the same time.

As you are trying to find great sites for your kids to learn and have fun, it is tough to find the best Web sites for grades K-2. Here Scholastic advisor, Ruth Manna shares a few of her favorite for this time of year:

1. Hike Through the National Parks. A wonderful way to experience the United States.
2. Bake a Sweet Treat. The object of Flipit Frenzy is to build a cake by matching ingredients by color and shape. This site has great games.
3. Count by 100. Use this nifty hundreds chart to teach kids to skip count by 2,5, 10. Celebrate Chinese New Year. Jet of to the Great Wall using Google Earth. http://www.http//
5. Pick Photos of John and George. Learn about the great Presidents.
6. Play Some Grand Slam Math. A neat math game called Grand Slam Math.
7. Race Along the Iditarod Trail. This Web site kids can navigate independently and they love it.
8. Take Off Your Mittens. Several math games to play.

Try these sites and see if your child doesn't fall in love with playing games and learning at the same time!


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child

How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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