Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exercise For Your Familie's Health

When I was a child, children played outside from early morning until early evening. We made up games, played tag, hide and seek, ball, jump rope, and anything we could create. We rode our bikes and walked or ran wherever we went.  Playing outside was a way of life and we didn't come inside until dinnertime. Our parents never had to find activities for us to participate in. 

Today, children are on the Internet, PlayStation, watching TV, cell phones, and are not getting the exercise they need. They sit for hours without moving.  Creativity is a thing in the pass.  If you ask them to go outside and play, they have no idea what to do and complain that it is too hot or too cold outside. 

Do your children and yourself a favor and turn off the computer and TV and get out every day for 45-60 minutes of activity. It will make all the difference in your childens' overall health. Get out there and join them. It will bring your family closer together and you will feel better too!


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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