Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To Get The Best Education Possible: Tip #100

A child's academic success is base on the experiences at home. If your child see a good work ethic and an interest in school work at home from you, it will make the love of learning easier. That brings us to tip #100.

Tip #100: Help your child develop a love for learning.

In order to help your child develop a love for learning you must involve your child in activities that are of interest and give your child a new and different way of learning. Some suggestions are to encourage a love for learning are:

1. Go to museums
2. Attend concerts
3. Display academic work
4. Display art work
5. Show value to academic successes as well as other talents
6. Give enthusiastic messages about your child's efforts
7. Ask the teacher to suggest activities that you and your child can do together
8. Apply knowledge your child finds interesting to real life
9. Talk to your child about their school work
10. Encourage your child to reach every possible dream
11. Take you child out to experience as much as possible and discuss each experience
12. Encourage you child to collect things of interest
13. Talk about the future with your child and be encouraging
14. Help your child to be independent as possible
15. Read to your child when they are very young and have them read every evening while you are reading
16. You show a true appreciation and love for learning will go a long way
17. Celebrate academic successes with affection and excitement
18. Participate in as many school and extra curricular events as possible
19. Always remember that you are the role model for your child, so if you show a love and appreciation for learning, your child very well may.


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child

How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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