Thursday, February 17, 2011

No More Back Talk!

Parents have to decide there will be rules that will be followed in the household. Respect and back talk can be controlled. According to an article in the August 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, there are 5 suggestions below:

1. Set clear rules. Figure out what’s most important to you (No put-downs? Not muttering? No condescending gazes?) and announce the rules to all members of the family. Post them in the kitchen for future reference, if need be.

2. Decide not to take it. Parents who refuse to tolerate rude behavior tend to have kids who aren’t rude. Dole out consequences.

3. Establish a code. For times when you are in public or when friends are around, let kids know they’re nearing the disrespectful zone with a pre-arranged signal, whether it’s a phrase or a gesture.

4. Don’t get into the act. Sure, it’s tempting to toss back a zinger to show the offending child how it feels, but bite your tongue and set an excellent example instead.


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