Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is There Still Racism In America?

I don't think there is any question that racism still exist in this country, but I honestly believe that most Americans are good and fair people. The small minority of racist are just very loud and vocal. Racism didn't disappear with the election of President Obama. I think what happened is there is a group of people that are so emotional about the topic of health care and how it should be reformed that it almost seems unreasonable and beyond just difference of how health care should be reformed. The expressions of discontent are so strong and expressed so negatively in some cases in a personal manner toward President Obama, that many people question the underlining feelings behind the disagreements. When people question President Obama's citizenship, carry racist banners, and accuse him of wanting to socialize this country, many Americans feel it is more than the issues of reforming health care. The sad part is many conservative party members and leaders don't even denounce the blatant racist radio and TV talk show host filling the airwaves with nonsense and racist comments.
The one statement that has helped me balance my emotions on this topic is when Senator Kennedy's son told the story about his father and the reason he could love and respect republicans, even though he was a liberal democrat was because he knew that republicans loved this country as much as he did. I am sure that is a true statement, but if it is not racism that many Americans are expressing in these town meetings and demonstrations, then they need to learn to express their political objections without the shouting, name calling, and angry expressions. How will we ever come to a compromise on this all important issue of reforming health care if we cannot express our disagreement without expressions of hate?!
Our leaders should be the ones that show the nation how to resolve our differences in a dignified manner. If they cannot show respect for one another they should not be in office. We as Americans must stand up for right and let others know that racism is unacceptable! Our children are listening and watching! I pray for our President to have wisdom, and that he will allow God to guide his decision making. I pray for his safety and his family's safety. Let us all continue to pray for the United States of America.


Anonymous March 28, 2011 at 7:19 PM  

i under stand and see racism as an object imagined up in the minds of the sinful and deceitful man. this article goes over how we still have it in america and your picture shows that very well. if you notice that the African Americans mans hand is black, the Native Americans hand is red, and the Asian Americans hand is yellow. all these hands combined with the white mans hand create a sense of unity between the races, but what I'm trying to get at is that the Caucasians mans hand isn't white it is indeed tan witch is the Caucasians real skin color and as i recall African Americans aren't black,Native Americans aren't red, and Asian Americans are not yellow!

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