Sunday, September 13, 2009

A New Leader for the National Baptist Convention, USA

Our pastor, Dr. Julius Scruggs, has the honor of serving as the next president of the National Baptist Convention, USA. He is the pastor at the First Missionary Baptist Church, in Huntsville, Alabama. The National Baptist Convention, USA is the largest black religious organization in this country. What a privilege and honor for him. He is a highly anointed, God fearing servant, and I know he will do an outstanding service for the organization.

Let us all keep him in our prayers that God will lead out in every decision he makes. He got over 80% of the vote which shows the confidence members have in his leadership. Pastor Scruggs and his wife Josephine were the first individuals outside of my family that I shared my latest book, "A Parent's Handbook: How to Get the Best Education Possible For Your Child K-6 Grades". They both prayed for this project and encouraged me during the entire process of completing the book. I want to thank them both for their spiritual leadership, friendship, and continuing prayers. It is a blessing and a privilege to worship in a Bible teaching congregation that studies the word and encourages everyone to grow in their personal spiritual walk and grow in love above all things.

Congratulations Dr. Scruggs!


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