Monday, September 28, 2009

Working Your Core

One of the buzz words you hear in the gyms and exercise classes is "working the core." What is the core? Your body core consist of your midsection - the muscles from your shoulders to your groin and everything in between. All your daily movements involve your core muscles. Your core muscles are responsible for helping you do many of your daily routines. In order to optimize your strength, flexibility, and balance, you must work your core muscles according to Jeffery Curpi. Try these exercise using an exercise ball.

Abdominal sit-back
1. Sit on the ball with your feet hip-width apart on the floor. Keep your spine straight and head facing forward. Fold your arms across your chest.

2. Slowly lean backwards until you feel your abdominal muscles tighten.

3. Hold this position for three deep breathes and then return to the starting position.
Side Exercise
1. Lie on your right side with the ball between your legs.

2 Raise your legs so the ball is a few inches off the floor.

3. Hold for three deep breaths and then return to the starting position.

Note: To avoid straining your neck, prop your head up with your right hand or rest your arm and head on the floor.

To read the full article on "Working the Core" go to and look for the January 2007 issue on Keeping Fit.


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