Saturday, November 14, 2009

Excellent Early Childhood Websites

There is nothing busier than the field of early childhood. The children are very active and come with short attention spans. The computer can be a good and easy activity for those busy minds. According to Rebekah Elle, there are excellent websites for teaching a preschooler. The websites that can be used for resources and materials for preschool teachers and parents are:

1. First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts: This site can be translated into 9 different languages. It has theme based lesson plans, activities, coloring pages, excellent links to sister sites, alphabet printable, and holiday project ideas.

2. DLTK-Kids: This site has theme based crafts and excellent alphabet resources. It also has Sunday School Crafts, recipes, puzzles, and printable.

3. Everything Preschool-Earl Childhood Education Made Easy: This site has over 170 themes! It works with the concept that children learn best through hands on learning.

4. Scholastic Teacher: This site give access to the literary resources that Scholastic offers along with lesson plans, activities, news, and articles about favorite authors.

5. NAEYC -National Association for the Education of Young Children: This is a professional site and keeps one up to date with the latest new regarding early childhood. It has access to all of their materials and excellent articles about good toys for young children.

To read more excellent websites and resources for preschool children go to , and look for rebekahelle articles.


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