Monday, November 2, 2009

Visual or Seeing Learner

If you or your child is a visual learner you will learn by seeing and looking at the information. The following examples will help you decide if you or your child are visual learners.

1. You take numerous detailed notes when receiving information.

2. You prefer to sit in the front of the room.

3. You are usually neat and clean.

4. You will close your eyes to visualize or remember something.

5. You will find something to watch if you have time or are bored.

6. You like to see what you are learning.

7. You do better from illustrations and presentations that use color.

8. You really enjoy written or spoken language that is rich with imagery.

9. You prefer not to have any outside distractions when learning.

10. You find quiet surroundings ideal for learning.

When a visual learner wants to know more or learn how to do a certain job, they will research online for answers, read several websites, go to bookstores and find books and magazines, go to a store and read the back of labels, or watch a course at the store. I you or your child is a visual learner they must see or read it. So, when they study it usually needs to be quiet, organized, and they must have the information written down. Have them write their spelling words and have them look at the words. If they write the words and look at them for just a few minutes every day, they will usually pass the spelling test on Friday.


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