Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thinking Young Can Keep You Healthy

Studies show that holding negative feelings about getting older may be harmful to your health. In a long-term study at Yale University study shows that younger adults whose views on aging were the mostly negative were almost twice as likely to later have a heart attack or cardio problems as those with more positive attitude on aging. (25% versus 13% , 30 years after the study 's start).

According to a December article in Good Housekeeping magazine, people who fell pessimistic about getting older take poorer care of their health, so forming unkind feeling becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, explains study leader Becca Levy, Ph.D., associate professor of epidemiology.

Levy states, "To break the cycle, think about independent older people you know or see on TV, and ask yourself if your views would apply to them."

Try to make sure your child or children have positive contact will older adults. It should be a good experience for the children and the older adult. It can be great-grand parents, grandparents, family friends, aunt, uncles, church members, or neighbors. With good relationships with older adults, you and your child should develop a more positive attitude about growing older and actually live longer yourselves in the long run.


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