Monday, July 19, 2010

6 Key People to Meet At Your Child's School: Part I

Lisa Capretto wrote an article and suggested that there are 6 key people you should meet at your child's school. According to the article you should set a time and day to meet each of these people to assure you and your child will have a smooth transition into the school year. Today, I will address the first 3 people to meet.

1. Principal: The principal runs the school and sets the tone and culture for the entire school. The principal solves problems, creates rules, polices the students, manages the staff, acts as mentor, evaluates classrooms, and most importantly, constantly communicates with everyone from teachers to parents to the school board. Find out if there is a meet the principal time or set up a small breakfast with some other parents and get to know the principal.

2. School nurse: You should meet the school nurse and inform him/her of any health conditions your child may have. You can also use the meeting to find out about any medications that need to be given during the school day and the policy and paper work for that. Ask about the school's health screenings (vision and hearing) and how to stay informed about health alerts throughout the school year.

3. Room parent: Get to know the room parent in your child's classroom. This is a great way to say informed and get more involved in the classroom. The room parent should know the upcoming events, projects, celebrations, and volunteer opportunities. If your child's classroom doesn't have a room parent, get to know at least one other parent in the classroom.
Tomorrow will be 3 more people Lisa Capretto suggest you meet at your child's school.


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