Monday, July 5, 2010

Ages and Stages of Tweens: Part I

According to Scholastic Parent and Child magazine, October 2009 issue, as carefree as it may seem, it's not easy being a tween. At this age, children need more than your unconditional love and appreciation; they need hands-on experience to discover who they are, what they like, and how they think. They need chances to become more competent and physically skilled.

Well-grounded self-esteem is based on real skills, a clear and positive sense of self, and relationship security. What is far less valuable is shallow self-esteem that is linked to fashion and material possessions. In these times, many pre-teens become dejected by their "imperfect" bodies and don't see how wonderful they are for their unique personality and qualities.

Your tweens will feel good about themselves when:
1. They feels valued as a person because you trust them, listen to them, and spend quality time with them.

2. They can see that you appreciate and encourage their growing skills.

3. Your tweens knows that they are special to you because you take the time to get to know what matter to them.

4. When they genuinely believe they can succeed when given new tasks and challenges.

5. Your tween should have good friends and feel well supported at school.

Read my blog tomorrow and get some good advice on ways to help your tween develop the self-esteem they need to be an independent and confident teen.


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