Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playing By the Rules

Playing at the neighborhood playground is a proven way for children to blow off steam. It helps your child re energize so they can focus and be calmer later on in the day. According to Lynne Ticknor, M.A., a parenting consultant, these eight basic playground rules below, can teach your child the safety element while having fun.

1. Keep hands to yourself. No grabbing, pushing , pulling, pinching, or punching.
2. Use friendly language. Keep your volume down, and our tone of voice and word choice respectful toward peers, teachers, and parents.
3. Take turns. share playground equipment. Wait patiently until it's your turn to use the slide or monkey bars.
4. Swing straight. Sit forward with your bottom on the swing. Don't twist swings, jump off, or ride sideways.
5. Walk cautiously around swings and slides. Stay far away from the action so you won't get knocked over.
6. Play fair. Talk about problems with the other children or parents. Work together to solve playground squabbles.
7. Want to throw? Grab a ball. Not dirt, gravel, or rocks.
8. Going up? Use the ladder. Never walk up the slide. Go down feet first, face forward.


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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