Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ages and Stages of Tweens: Part II

According to Scholastic Parent and Child magazine, October 2009 issue, you should gradually give your tween more freedom. Let him/her have some clearly defined personal space or redecorate their bedroom if they have outgrown the Star Wars or Barbie design. If they want to do homework after TV, and complete it well, allow it. If you refuse too much too often in order to stay in control, you could face far more difficulty, assertive challenges as retaliation. Most importantly, show your tween respect. When you support their point of view, they feel worthwhile and treated like an equal. Below are some tips for parents of tweens.

1. When your tween wants to ask or tell you something stop what you are doing and listen and make eye contact.

2. Let your tween make you laugh. Tweens love to entertain and impress parents by telling endless painful jokes, acting silly, or exaggerating. You may want to groan, but hide it.

3. Tweens are still kids inside and continue to need those beloved close moments like goodnight kisses or being read to.

4. Just try to enjoy your tween! It's not always easy, but when you lighten up they will share their feelings and experiences. Try not to take what they tell you as unimportant or silly. Many times they are sincerely concerned or worried about small matters.

5. Remember, you are setting the stages for the teenage relationship years. You want your tween to come to you and feel like you respect their feelings and will advise them wisely. It is not time to be a friend, but a strong influence and guiding light.


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