Friday, July 2, 2010

Teaching Our Children: 6-8 Years Part II

From in-class worksheets to short stories for homework, your child will have a lot of writing to complete. "There school work is primarily written," says pediatric occupational therapist Jan Z. Olsen, founder of the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum program, in Cabin John, Maryland. "Teachers consider writing to be essential for learning to communicate effectively." According to Parents magazine, December 2009 issue, below are additional fun ways to get your child to write.

Mail Tale
Get a small notebook and have your child keep a simple journal for a week. Then send it to Grandma or another relative to add her comments on your child's week and a record a week in her life and mail it to another loved one. The last person can mail it back to your child and he/she will get reading practice too.

Pick a Winner
Designate one night a week as activity night. Help your child write down stuff he/she would like to do on a lip of paper and place them in jars. Suggest games (board, card, or parlor), movies, or whatever interest your child (building with Legos or baking muffins). When it's time, have your kids choose one and ask to them to add a fresh idea to keep the jar fun-filled.

Love Notes
Leave surprise messages for your child on their pillow, the bathroom mirror, or in their book bag. End each one with a question, and ask your child to write an answer on the back and leave it for you in a surprise location as well.

Minute Man
Get into the habit of asking your kids to write things for you. Dictate shopping list, have them address envelopes, and jot down reminders on the family calendar. The more practice the better.

Tolls of the Trade
Set up your own office-supply closet. Collect and keep awesome writing tools (gel pens, scented markers, funny-shaped pencils), and all sorts of paper (lined, sticky notes, doodle pads). Stow in strategic spots throughout the house. Your children will be more psyched to scrawl if their pencils have a cute eraser or the pen lights up when they write.


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