Thursday, July 15, 2010

Preventing "Brain Drain" This Summer: Part I

A lot of kids have activities planned this summer like swimming and basketball. According to Ann Pleshette Murphy and Laura Zaccaro, studies show that students lose two months of math skills over the summer, and if kids are reluctant readers, getting them back into the swing of school can be painful for both of you.

I was watching "Good Morning America" this morning and saw that on their Web site,, there are ideas to keep your child engaged in math and science over the summer. Below are some of the suggestions.

Reptangles, Fat Brain Toys Co., ages 6+
Younger kids who like puzzles and older teens facing geometry class will love this toy.

Fantasy Sports
This is a great time for kids who love sports to join the league and draft team. This requires researching, averages, problem solving, using statistics, and crunching numbers.

Secret Ada, iPod/iPhone/iPod Touch, ages 12+
Math, science and technology are not just for boys. Kids have to use statistics and logic to decode the cryptograms, breaking the code unlocks the biography of a famous woman scientist or mathematician.

Math Gear Fast Facts, ages 7+
These are flash cards all dressed up. These fast facts sets allows kids to quiz themselves on basic multiplication and division by sliding new equations into place along a disc.

Web Takeway Math Tricks, ages 10+
This game incorporates math into chores and travel. For example, calculate how much chlorine needs to go into the pool given the pool's volume or calculate the mileage and estimate travel time of your upcoming trip.

For more objective your children need to practice over the summer, you can purchase my book, "A Parent's Handbook: How to Get the Best Education Possible K-6th Grades at, Tomorrow I will post more ideas to prevent "Brain Drain" this summer. Check it out!!!


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