Friday, July 30, 2010

Parent-Teacher Relationships: Part I

The relationship between teachers and parents is an extremely powerful component in student success. Yet, so many parents go through the school year without communicating with the teacher or understanding what to do (or avoid) to make the most of the year. So, Lisa Capretto interviewed a third-grade teacher, Stacey Nelson, a devoted and successful educator in Tennessee. Stacey shared several things teachers wish parents knew before sending their children to school.
Today, Ms. Nelson discusses how teachers wish that parents and students
"Respect the Teacher".

1. Most teachers truly care about your children and want them to be successful
2. Trust in the teachers feedback. If a teacher reports a particular behavior that you haven't seen before, don't rush to judgement. Listen to what the teacher has to say and work with him/her to find a solution.
3.Don't show up for a meeting unannounced. Instead, schedule a time to meet. This will show you respect the teacher's time and give him/her time to prepare for the meeting.
4. Don't go over the teacher's head. If you an issue with the teacher, talk to the teacher before going to the principal or other administrators. 95% of problems can be resolved between the teacher and parent without any other interventions.

On Monday, Stacey Nelson gives her thoughts on being involved in your child's education.


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