Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things You Can Do For a Successful School Year

There are things you can do to help your child have a successful school year and even enjoy being back in the classroom. According to Marcy Wilard of the Child Family and School Psychology program, it is important that you help your children transition from summer to school. Below are things you should do before school begins:

1. Attend any back-to-school night programs.
2. Take your child on a tour of the school and new classroom.
3. Build a partnership with the teachers, administrators, and parents.
4. Keep learning going outside the classroom. "Any activity is an opportunity for learning," says Marcy.
5. Do build up your children's' self-esteem . (Examples: praise your children, listen when they speak, celebrate creativity, applaud good behavior, leave notes of encouragement)
6. Start your children on a schedule of going to bed early and getting up earlier. It may take about 2 weeks to do this.
7. Start reading every evening and discuss the books. If your children see you reading, they will follow your example. So, make it a family time of reading throughout the year.
Stay tuned because tomorrow I will give points from Marcy Wilard on things you should not do over the summer or during the school year.


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