Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things You Do Not Want to Do!

Yesterday's blog was about the things you can do to help make your children have a better transition into the school year. According to Marcy Wilard, there are definitely things you do not want to do as far as your child's education is concerned.

1. Don't wait until school starts to establish a routine.
2. Don't go in to school ready to fight. "Many parents have been told by support groups, society, and media that they have to be ready to fight," says early childhood special education teacher, Erin Jackie. "In most cases it's absolutely not true. Students that make the most progress always come from families that are willing to work as part of a team and collaborate with teachers and staff. MOST teachers are really there to help.
3. Don't set unrealistic expectations. Every parent want s their children to succeed, but setting your expectations too high, according to the National PTA, can detrimental to your child. So, be realistic about you expect from your children and don't hesitate to meet with the teacher to discuss those expectations.
4. Don't wait until the parent-teacher conference to see how your child is doing. Get a general update from the teacher by email or phone.
5. Don't get in with a negative group of parents that only complain and gossip. Just like you don't want your child to get in with the wrong crowd, make sure you are associating with a positive group of parents that are working to better the school.


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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