Friday, July 16, 2010

Preventing "Brain Drain" This Summer: Part II

Yesterday I promised to give you more ideas on preventing "Brain Drain" this summer for your kids. You must keep your kids active physically and mentally during the summer break. Yesterday on, ABC Good Morning America, they stressed how research shows that students lose two months of math skills over the summer and will lose two to three months of reading fluency if there is no enrichment. Below are some more suggestions on how to prevent "Brain Drain" in Science.
Ectropy, ages 9-12
These kids allow kids to become miniature CSI analysts by combining chemistry and problem solving with good old-fashioned pretend play.

Heavenly Hair Kits, GiddyUp, ages 8+
This is another great product for girls who think science is a "boy" subject. It introduces experiments with a little biology and a little chemistry, but ti's all about hair. They will find out why hair's curly, why it's red or brown, why we need to wash it. It teaches kids how to make shampoo and conditioner, although you might want to test it out on the family dog before using the product yourself.

Magnifying Glass, ages 3+
Have your child use magnifying glass to investigate fingerprints, hairs, insects, rocks and other interesting objects. Have them write-up a describe their findings.

Cooking, ages 4+
Cooking requires lots of math skills like fractions, proportions, measurements, and counting how many cookies your can eat in an hour. It also requires science like chemical changes and physical changes.

For more objectives to prevent "Brain Drain" over the summer, purchase my book, "A Parent's Handbook: How to Get the Best Education Possible for Your Child K-6Th Grade", at


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