Saturday, July 31, 2010

Drop 5 Pounds But Watch Your Friends

According to an article in the August 2010 Good Housekeeping issue, when you are trying to lose weight your best friends can be our worst enemies, if you're trying to stick to good-for-you fare. When University of Miami researchers asked 154 students to choose snacks for their buddies, 75% of the "shoppers" picks were unhealthy (chips, cookies, fruit roll-ups, and more). But when the same students selected treats for themselves, only 50% of their choices were junk foods. The chum-yum connection? People tend to think their pals don't watch what they eat as carefully as they themselves do, explain researchers. The bottom line? Wrong, they do.

If your trying to watch your weight, ice pops aren't just for kids. For cold treats with mom-and-pop appeal, try Edy's new Antioxidant Fruit Bars. I personally love these ice pops. The acaiblueberry and pomegranate flavors will satisfy your sophisticated taste buds and, at60 to 70 calories each, these pops still make the low-cal cut. (Sadly, that is not the case for the pomegranate margaritas.) Available nationwide (as Dreyer's Fruit bars in Western states) $4.19 for a six-pack.


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