Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Child Is Not Self Smart! What Can I Do?

If your child know him/herself really well that is great! Fortunately, there is a lot for your child to know about him/herself, and he/she should always have a chance to become more Self Smart. Your child can always explore new ways to express him/herself and his/her feelings. Your child's Self Smart skills can help him/her build the other intelligences. Below are some Self Smart ideas your child can use to help him/her understand and develop the other intelligences in school and in life according to Thomas Armstrong, PhD.:

1. Word Smart: Have your child write an autobiography. Talking to members of your family can help.

2. Music Smart: Have your child create a musical autobiography using favorite songs from when your child was younger.

3. Logic Smart: Encourage your child to look for patterns in the thinks he/she likes. Have he/she answer the question, "Do your favorite things have anything in common? If so, what?"

4. Picture Smart: Let your child experiment with the different arts to express how he/she feels or to create a self-portrait. Let your child design an original invention by sketching it out, and if he/she can, build it.

5. Body Smart: Have your child do physical activities that let him/her express how he/she feels, like dance, acting, mime, or fine arts such as sculpture.

6. People Smart: Encourage your child to get to know others better. Find people with common interest to do things with your child that would include volunteer opportunities.

7. Nature Smart: Go for a walk with your child and take a good look at everything around. Ask your child how nature makes him/her feel?


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